What makes it easier to be best man at a wedding

Best man condition one, have sense of responsibility

It's hard for the groom and the bride to do everything at the wedding, and just as the bride has her best friend's brain trust, the groom should have a group of brothers and groomsmen who are ready to take matters into their own hands. So, the bottom line in choosing a best man is not to get into trouble with the groom, not to help, but at least not to get into trouble with the groom. If the groom insists on asking the man to be his best man when he knows he's doing something stupid because he's drunk, he's asking for trouble. Of course, the best groomsman who doesn't stir up trouble is still a little bit worse. It's best to choose those who are responsible and can do anything for their brothers. That way, when the wedding happens and the groom can't get away from it, he can leave it to the groomsman.

The best man's condition two, the random strain capacity is strong

Because they are newly married, because there is only one day, because there are so many guests, everything will be different for everyone. Because it's different, things are different for everyone. Randomness, which is completely a person's level and ability, has its own characteristics for everyone.

The best man condition three, the best man should be active enough

If the groom's brother is active, he is the best man to be the best man. At the very least, the groomsman can talk well, and the groomsman can come forward when the groom is nervous or the wedding atmosphere is not good enough to keep the atmosphere alive. In this way, the best man group in both a sense of responsibility of the elder brothers, and activists who can active atmosphere, and some will not give you ask for something good brothers, so the groom's wedding friends were collected.

Best man condition four, good character, easy to communicate

Wedding day, come to many people, meet many things, such as dinner, need to drink, need to communication, need to face all kinds of people, so good personality, is very important, and facilitate communication than others. This is more conducive to the adjustment of the atmosphere.

Best man condition five, good wine

The groomsman must be able to drink, or else he can't stop you from drinking. On a big day like the wedding, the groomsman is drunk and unconscious.

The condition of being the best man

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Groomsman bridesmaid from choice, should be get married couple's best friend, they behave, should reflect the cultural quality of wedding party. So, the new people in choosing a groomsman bridesmaid, attention should be paid to the problem. Because on the day of the wedding, wedding party many of the things that need them to do, respect their life, and speaking manner, to reflect the grade of the married couple (who drink after willing to anything for the elder brothers friend, or arrange them to drink the best).

7. The closer to the new couple's life circle, the more appropriate it is to be the best man

Usually, people will have some friends by the big social environment, such as classmates, colleagues, neighbors and so on, they have the same acquaintances, and new understanding of new social circle, choose as a friend as a groomsman bridesmaid very suitable, because they can draw up the guest list, maintain the order of contact with a lot of work to cope.

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    What makes it easier to be best man at a wedding