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Dear friends and relatives, teachers and students, Today is the wedding reception for my son-in-law and daughter. It gives me great pleasure to invite all of you to join us and celebrate with you. Your presence is the best wish for the new couple. On behalf of my family, I would like to extend my most sincere welcome and heartfelt thanks to all of you for coming.

This part of the country has brought up her daughter, who was born in this country and learned from and grew up in this country. On behalf of the whole family, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your care and love for XXX. Thank you all teachers for the education and cultivation of xx. Thank you for your support and help to XXX. Bridegroom _____, who works for a software development company in the provincial city, is a reliable young man. The couple, who share the same interests and admire each other, are drawn together by love, fate and love. Marriage is a kind of happiness and a kind of responsibility. As an elder, I would like to say a few words in my heart.

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Hope you to cooperate and have a good reading, good work, good life, a person should aspire to, do things to contributions, not powerful, don't MuRongHua riches and honour, just happy happy, harmonious and healthy food on the table, go in peace, in the future can become adult education children, the state and society, the elders and teachers and that a deep feeling of land. Marriage is not only about being lovey-dovey and lovey-dovey, but also about being oily, salty, sour and sour. Romantic love years ushered in is the bland family life. Remember that love is the soul of the family, the home is not reasonable of BBS, it is the paradise of the love, you will be together, every day to face the unavoidable tedious life, certainly will have contradictions and disputes, to practice your sacred marriage vows, we must raise the sails of love, draw up tolerance, paddle manipulation compromise sculling, smooth to build strong family boat attentively, can toward the shore of happiness.

Once again, I wish you the same heart, a long life together, and a long life of happiness. Thank you again for sharing our happiness and happiness with your loved ones. Over the past few years, more than ten years, three decades of years, you have been attention, support and help me and my family, especially when I was the most difficult, is the hand of friendship, you gave me the confidence and courage to live and work, you are in my life the most respect and it is worth remembering, eager to your elders, teachers and friends in the later days will, as always, care, care for and support the two children.

Finally, I sincerely wish all the friends present a happy family, a happy life and good health! Today, prepare a little banquet, please enjoy your drink, enjoy this wonderful time, leave unforgettable memory! Thank you.

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    Father of the wedding banquet speech - fan wen2