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Bridal sedan chair is a special sedan chair used in traditional Chinese wedding, and it is also one of the indispensable festive elements in traditional Chinese wedding. So what are the types of Chinese wedding sedan chair? Let's take a look.

I. type of Chinese wedding sedan chair

Type of sedan chair

(I) ancient bridal sedan chair

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The variety and style of the ancient sedan chair varies slightly from place to place due to customs, wealth and the status of the owner. Ordinary people usually marry in a sedan chair carried by two people. The hangings of the sedan chair are all in large red colored silk, and embroidered with auspicious patterns such as rich flowers, danfeng sunrise and baizitu, which are decorated with gold and silver to create a lively and festive atmosphere. The rich and wealthy families used to carry four large bridal sedan chair, the sedan chair and two people to carry the difference. By the end of the qing dynasty, in Shanghai and other big cities at that time, many women were no longer willing to take bridal sedans, but changed to carriages such as horse-drawn carriage. In the early days of the republic of China, the rickshaws (commonly known as rickshaws) imported from Japan were relatively light and fast, so they were widely used among the people. Sedan chairs were gradually replaced.

(2) hard clothes

There are two types of sedan chair: hard and soft. The whole body of the sedan chair is made of wood, which is similar to the top of a pagoda with four corners and eaves. It is more popular in the south of China.

3. Soft clothes

It is popular in the north of China. It is enclosed in the frame of the sedan with a red silk curtain, which is called the sedan curtain.

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    Chinese style wedding car type wedding car appreciation